we email advertise your charity web site to 7,500,000 people. free.


These people spam me sometimes with thiers ads selling spamming all the world.

Their favourite phrase is:

We send your email ad to 10,000,000+ people daily!

I think I am one of that 10 million people....

P.S.: It is the same company I talked about it sometime ago.... theemailbroadcastingcompany.com

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Jamumu said...

They're spamming me daily using a script that makes it look as if the emails have come from myself (spoofing I think it's called). I hate that! I don't want to filter out emails from myself so they always get through (I work from several offices and send myself emails all the time as reminder notes). I went to their website and there I found a form for "24/7 Easy Hassle-Free Email Removal From Our All of Our Emailing Lists Upon Request Below"... except it's a sham. I tried it and though it processed the form a bit quick - so I looked at the source code and discovered that it doesn't send anything to anywhere. There's no formmail script, no recipient written in to the thing at all. Sods!