From Lanny Mapp <tollisonmala@taschik.de>.

Viag_gra $3. 30
Ambi_ien $2. 90
Vali_ium $1. 25
CiaI_lis $3. 75
Xan_nax $1. 50


though his eyes still glinted malevolently through his curtain of greasy
black hair.
Professor Dumbledore was now looking down at Harry, who looked right

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Wang Mingmiao

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Northeast Development Corp [NHVP.PK]

Northeast Development Corp [NHVP.PK] image

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Northeast Development

1500 Market St.
12th Floor, East Tower
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Phone: 215-246-3456

Fax: 215-689-1934

E-mail: mail@northeastdevelopmentcorp.com


From GenericMedications@medsupplysurpluse.com I've received this message:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. Delivery to the following recipients failed. dddgetin@medisaie.com

I have never sended this mmessage.. I think is another solution by spammers.

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From aladdin


Wild Brush Energy WBRS

Clara Christie <hotshotsuccored@acado.ch> sends me this spam:

News Alert!

Fueled by the possibility of an upcoming merger, Wild Brush
Energy (WBRS) is gearing up for an explosion. Tension is
building and soon the scramble to take a position will push
this one off the charts.

Wild Brush Energy
Symbol: WBRS
Current Price: $0.05
Short Term Target: $0.32
Long Term Target: $0.80

WBRS is engaged in some of the most lucrative gas regions in North
America. Major discoveries are happening all the time and WBRS is in
the thick of it.

With the array of drilling projects Wild Brush has going on at the moment
tension is building. As the drilling gets closer to completion insiders are
accumulating ahead of that major discovery announcement.

Finally the market is ready for explosion
Wednesday December 13 2006. will be a huge growth of WBRS at 1.00 am
Get ready to make some cash today!

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Wild Brush Energy Inc.
Investor Relations: 1-866-683-8600





Another pharmacy online.

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email: vince_stebbi@hotmail.com

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wexe.pk - West Excesior

Perhaps this company is waiting to make easy money sending spam... but i think that's not possible.

They said:

West Excelsior Enterprises, Inc. is a U.S.-based mineral exploration company dedicated to acquiring and developing mineral resources in geologically permissible and politically stable areas of the world. The Company seeks out on early state opportunities with good mineralization indicators that can carry plenty of blue-sky potential. West Excelsior progresses these projects that are or will be of interest to mid-size and major producers. By forming ventures on individual projects with such producers, the Company expects to grow and maintain an interest in mines operated by its partners, allowing it to continue to build value through continued exploration. West Excelsior is currently focused on projects in Mexico.

These mails are bypassing anti-spam filters because the text describing the stock company push is an image, spoofing that it is a response to an original email from the recipient.

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West Excelsior Enterprises Inc.
Mr. Kotni Rao
(702) 990-8404
Website: www.westexcelsior.com