Urgent Atenttion from paul

From sir paul pTTERSON <sirc36@excite.com>:

Urgent Atenttion from paul
Accountant General


Good day and best wishes in all your endeavors. It gives me great
privilege to contact you of a possible chance that has been swimming on my
desk in a possibility of soliciting with a foreign partner who is eager
to work things out to enhance a great diversity of fund that has been
trapped down in our financial institution due to untimely death of
Mr.Chiko Dromun from Taiwan, whom we lost due to the tragedy in the tsunami

I seek this chance as I am about to retire from the bank to ask for
your support to acquit this fund. As the accountant general of the bank, I
can be able to provide the necessary documents needed and the proof
needed with legally backed for you to be the Next of Kin of the deceased
only by your interest.

This fund when finally cleared by the bank to you as the Next of Kin
and transferred to any of your nominated bank chosen for sharing among
us, I will agree to make it a 50/50 share with you, for your support,
morally and otherwise, as I am now on the verge of my retirement from the

I strongly look forward to hearing from you as i will make every
arrangement of this transaction to be 100% risk free and secured
Looking forward to hear from you URGENTLY.