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==========WHAT'S NEW==========
New this month is an easy way to get people to your Multiplypage. Just create a custom Multiply Badge and display itproudly on any web site or in your e-mail signature -- clickhere to try it out!http://multiply.com/gus/promote
We also recently unveiled a sleek new look, extra optionsfor customizing your message board and easy embedding ofimages outside of Multiply. But that's not all. Since Multiply is a lot more fun when more of the people youknow use it, we've introduced an easy way to quickly find outwhich of your friends and family are already on Multiply, soyou can connect with them and see all the great stuff you'vebeen missing! Check it out now:http://multiply.com/find For a full run-down an all of our new features, see:http://multiply.multiply.com/journal/item/143
=============FROM OUR BLOG=============
This month on our staff blog saw us taking a look at a fewolder features...
that are just as useful these days! First up was Threaded viewing of comments, which helps youmake sense of even the most in-depth and wordy conversationthreads on Multiply:http://multiply.multiply.com/journal/item/139 Then, we had a look at Advanced Posting, enabling powerusers to get quite in-depth with certain parts of Multiply:http://multiply.multiply.com/journal/item/141 Finally, we showcased the Multiply screensaver, whichautomatically brings the latest photos from your networkright to your desktop:http://multiply.multiply.com/journal/item/142 =============OUR USERS SAY============= "Thank you so much for what you do. I appreciate it because I am able to keep in touch not just with friends within the Philippines, but also with relatives and friends from all over. Our world has gotten much smaller because of Multiply. We so appreciate it." -Paolo (punzalan) If you would rather not receive e-mail newsletters likethis, we understand. Just log in to Multiply and updateyour E-Mail Alerts page:http://multiply.com/setup/alerts You can read our privacy policy at:http://multiply.com/info/privacy Multiply Inc, 6001 Park of Commerce BlvdBoca Raton, FL 33487, USA



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