IMMACULATE IBIZA MUSICis an independent music label established in Ibiza, Spain, since 2003. Specialized in music production such as World Music, Chill-Out (¨The Eivissa
Immaculada Project
¨, ¨Spirit of Las Dalias¨) House & Electro ( ¨Solar Sides¨ ) and Balearic Sound (¨Spirit of Las Salinas Beach¨).
Immaculate Ibiza offers the visitors of the island a unique and refined Class A product, 100% made in Ibiza. With their exclusively designed and very attractive packaging,
our products represent a « must have » for the most demanding customers and collectors.
All products of our Label are presented in our exclusive "Plexicase" design pack, weight 200gr, magnetic closing, double vinyl CD (black on both sides), high quality
printing. An item which in itself represents a high market value in addition to the artistic value of the CD’s content.
We also release the brand new customized Apple iPod Nano 2GB as the exclusive Solar Sides Ipod and the ¨Las Dalias¨ iPod. These customized iPods have the entire Immaculate
Ibiza Music catalogue already loaded including more than 100 songs.
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esteban lucci (SROW-93502)
abad y lasierra 49 3 pt1
07800 ES
+34 654837473

A very strange spam message... to buy some chill-out cd.


Anonymous said...

I undersatand that message is NOT spam.Is only a description of a product.....I dont understand why you say ¨strange¨....

Thunder said...

Someone is promoting this product and this guy send me this spam message. It is strange because is not a pharmacy,penis patch,casino online or software oem product.

Anonymous said...

Yes...I understand, is strange..!
I have been in the site.
Sounds really good....What do you think?

Thunder said...

I prefer indie rock. I don't like Ibiza music