From myself:

we email advertise your charity web site to 7,500,000 people. free.


These spammer spent all day sending messages to 7,500,000 people... They work hard

Sute are the same spammers of permissionemailcorpcom and theemailbroadcastingcompany.com

About these spammers:

Name... liu feng
Address guang zhou
Address guang zhou
Address 321000
Address GD
Address CN
Email.. admin@advertisingemailcorporation.com
Phone.. +86.20321000232

Another site from this spammers:

emailmarketingassociates.com, emailbroadcastauthority.com


Anonymous said...

These guys are SPAMMERS... I have had that very same message sent to me 4 times in one day.

I would love to see their domain taken offline and their business fined....

Anonymous said...

Why fine them what will that do? DO this. Cut off one finger at a time. Seal the wounds with a lemon salt acid brine solution. See if they can type after that. All the mean while keeping them awake for days till they lose control. Feed them their own genitalia as the only source of food. And to top it all off drill holes in the sides of there heads with rusty dull drill bits.

Anonymous said...

i think the following mail adresses are from liu feng. they seem to be working



Anonymous said...

How I can destroy or filterthis spam? Do you recommand somethig.

Thanks if you can help...

Thunder said...

I usually redirects all my professional emails to a gmail account. Gmail has a good anti-spam filter. But i cannot remenber if It works with emailsolutioncorp.com.

These people send spam to common email addresses, like info@, admin@, webmaster@..., you can redirect all these common emails to a gmail account or you can probe to buy some antispam software.