From Jeanine <Tristan@iwon.com>

We have reviewed your resume on Careerbuilder and would like to consider you
for the
position of administrative assistant/sales support within TSM. TSM Group,
its headquarters in Geneva, is the Swiss watch industry's active trade
association. We are a private, professional association, representing Swiss
watch manufacturers, offering traditional auctions of Swiss timepieces, and
providing get in business solutions for the individuals and organizations
are interested in developing and promoting the Swiss watch industry.

We are now seeking administrative/sales support assistants to work at the
convenience of their home, part-time. In the attachments you will find the
agreement with a detailed job description. If you are interested in this
period, which will last for two months, during which you will receive
salary, and commission, please see the attached agreement. Upon successful
completion of the trial period you may receive a contract and continue
with TSM, change from part-time to full-time or continue working part-time.

Please read carefully the trial period agreement, complete, sign, and
back to us either via email to Alessia.Bianchi@tsmcareers.com or by fax: +
41-22-594-8438 (Geneva, Switzerland).
For the commencement date, please choose any date that is convenient for you
during the month of February. If you have any questions please email

Thank You,
TSM Group

how money??? this is my question.

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Joshua said...

I also received this e-mail I believe it is a scam or they are just going through Careerbuilder's resume database and e-mailing people that come up in their search.

Thunder said...

It must be a scam. All these works opportunities are also a scam.