Noisy image to this pharmacy online...

they said on their website:

Our Pharmacy conducts a strict anti-spam policy. We do not tolerate unsolicited advertising e-mails. We are actively chasing anyone who is engaged in spamming activities! This includes email, ICQ, instant messengers, chat rooms, message boards, newsgroups or anything else where commercial postings are forbidden. We take appropriate actions against spammers that will result in loss of services and accounts closure.

We are fully committed to dealing with spammers. Our Pharmacy keeps and holds all the data on spam offenders that we share with anti-spamming organizations and agencies. Please give us know, if you have received undesirable advertising that you think was sent by our Pharmacy services users. You can inform about the incident our anti-spam department via forwarding us the offending material copy.


Similar spam image:



Anonymous said...

you've just joined my blocked e-mails,
i just wonder about your persistancy, nobody, really nobody is interrested in your fucking product but still you keep annoying

Thunder said...

I suppose someone buys these products... or is only art spam...